Might be very quiet, dislike noise, dislike change
Might be very noisy/disruptive
Inability to sit still
Inability to follow instructions:
Does not seem to try
Does not seem to try “hard enough”
Seems careless
Might cover his/her frustration by saying “I don’t care” “I’m bored” or similar
Lack of confidence, low self esteem
Unexplained sadness
Undue tiredness – Tires easily:
Might complain of stomach ache if required to read.
Might get over- emotional about tests/exams etc
Distressed by a change in routine
Separation anxiety – Clinging to parent or fearful and shy
Poor organisational skills:
- May be very untidy
- On the other hand might be compulsively tidy
Might appear to be very stubborn
Might not make eye contact or infrequent eye contact
Tilts head when looking or concentrating
Closes one eye or looks sideways when reading
Might lose their place when reading
Rubs eyes when reading
Holds head in hands when reading.
Might be very sensitive to light
Might be distracted or distressed by ‘odd’ sounds – over-sensitive hearing
Talks in very loud or very soft voice
Might repeat things to themselves
Does not seem to respond when someone calls their name
Might lose track of time
Might not be able to judge time e.g. how much time needed to dress
Dislikes tight clothing
Insensitive or over-sensitive to temperature
Bed wetting beyond normal age where there is no medical cause