Poor posture:
- Might have a floppy body
- Might not have crawled but wriggled or bottom shuffled
- Finds it hard to stand still for a long time
- Not able to hop
- Flaps arms when running
Difficulty judging distances
Difficulty throwing and catching, swimming, riding a bike or general clumsiness
Difficulty with buttons, shoe laces; cutlery
Unusual pencil grip, poor letter formation, untidy writing, use of excessive pressure:
- Might transpose numbers e.g. write 31 for 13
- Might have difficulty keeping columns of numbers ‘under’ each other
- may find it difficult to keep to the left hand margin when writing
- Writing takes a long time
- Finds it difficult to type
Might have difficulty remembering their right and left
- Difficulty changing direction
Not able to clap in rhythm
May have difficulty going off to sleep.
- May have difficulty getting up in the morning.
May have difficulty standing on one leg for 30 seconds.
May have difficulty supporting their arm weight.
May have difficulty brushing teeth properly.
May not like to brush teeth.
May have difficulty crawling on stomach.
May have difficulty sitting properly on a chair with feet on the floor in front of them..
May have difficulty looking and concentrating at an activity they are engaged in.
May have difficulty walking on a line whilst holding the body in the erect position.