Underachievement at school
Poor attention and concentration:
- Easily distracted
Inability to follow instructions or understand rules.
Might expressive themselves better by speaking than writing
Difficulty with reading, writing, spelling and/or comprehension:
- may confuse letter sounds e.g. c/t ; f/th/s/sh ;b/d; m/n; b/d
- May confuse letter shapes e.g. b and d , p and q , m and w ,f and t,
- Spells words as they sound but does not always spell them same way
- Confuses numbers e.g. 3 and 5 , 6 and 9
- may make many mistakes when copying
- Seems to have difficulty reading and seeing things but eye tests don’t reveal a problem.
May have trouble hearing but medical tests do not reveal a problem
May have difficulty learning to tell the time.
May find maths word problems difficult
May have difficulty remembering facts
Difficulty planning written work.
Difficulty planning in advance, more reliant on “things just happening”
Cannot read maps
Might be talented in activities that don’t require a lot of reading
Isn’t “behind enough” to be helped in the school setting.